A Note to End the Year...

(December 21, 2020)

Looking back on this year, after the rollercoaster of emotions we have all experienced together through this pandemic, sometimes we need a reminder to appreciate the small, sometimes overlooked positives in the day. Two of my favorite quotes that keep me practicing gratitude are:

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things" - Robert Brault

"The real g... read more.

How to Find a Home that Has your "Big Three"

(December 15, 2020)

How do you find the home of your dreams within a price range you can afford? 

Most buyers start by making a “wish list”. But, it’s easy to get frustrated when you have a long wish list and expect you’ll be able to find a home with every one of those features. You might, for example, have “mature backyard tree” as number 23 on your list, and become disappointed when an otherwise ideal property doesn... read more.

Start the Home Selling Process this month

(December 02, 2020)

If you’re thinking about selling in the spring, don’t wait until the new year to start planning. In fact, you’ll save yourself a lot of work and get ahead of the game if you start planning now. 

What’s that old saying? The early bird gets the worm! In this case, by starting the process this month, you’ll be in excellent shape when you’re ready to list in the spring. 

Here are just a few examples of wh... read more.